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About Roberts Ink

Our owner started Roberts Ink to help small businesses compete with the larger companies. He realized that the internet was the new advertising medium and that every company would need a website to compete in today's market. He also realized that not every small business could afford the thousands of dollars web development companies were charging. He began creating small inexpensive websites to help those smaller companies get onto the internet and begin to grow their business.

What we do.

We help you get your business on the web without emptying your pockets. There are a number of places you can go to create you're own website cheaply. But do you really want to do it alone? We offer an inexpensive site and put it together for you saving you time and making sure it complies with the current internet standards and search engines.

What else we can do:

  • Computer Consulting: We can assist you in all of your computer and equipment purchase decisions. Don't be talked into buying more than you need.
  • Training: We can train your staff in computer use, all of today's Microsoft Office software, and most other computer programs.
  • Networking: We can network your office to allow employees to work together and increase productivity.

Our customers matter.

We won't be satisfied until you are.